Two 20th Century Scientific Discoveries That changed everything.
                                    By Steven Power

About 4500 years ago allegedly inspired by God, Moses wrote these words : "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth"  Ever since these words have been the dividing point for philosophy, theology and science. 
Aristotle (400 BC) stated that the universe and all matter and energy is eternal, there was no "beginning"  as the biblical worldview required. Therefore if the Bible spoke of "the beginning" it was at odds with  the idea of eternally existing matter and energy.

This worldview of eternally existing matter and energy  dominated all of philosophy, and later science ever since . It has been maintained that there was NO beginning but matter has always existed in some form or another and is merely re-cycled eternally.
It was stated that time is infinite in the past and will go on infinitely into the future.
This has been the foundation of all astronomy and cosmology for thousands of years.
Philosophers agreed that anything that BEGINS TO EXIST, must have an explanation for it's existence. But if the Universe had no beginning then no such explanation is required.

Because of the obvious contradiction between the two worldviews it is clear that logically they cannot both be correct, one must be wrong.

                                                THE FIRST DISCOVERY THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING 

The "Biblical" worldview, that all things began to exist at a moment in the finite past and were created out of nothing  "ex nihilo" was criticized for centuries as being unscientific and contrary to common sense.

Aristotle's statement prevailed for many centuries until early in the 20th century when rather suddenly astronomers  were forced to recognize that Aristotle got it WRONG and Moses and the Bible actually had it RIGHT all along. 

Albert Einstein in about 1910 while working on his theory of gravitation and general theory of relativity noticed that according to his equations the universe was not static as was always assumed, It was clear that it was expanding in all directions, very rapidly.
This was earth shaking news since Einstein knew immediately what it implied.
If the Universe was expanding in all directions then it had to have begun expanding a finite time ago when all the matter and energy in the Universe would have been reduced to an almost infinitely dense point..   

And if it began that implied an atemporal, ( outside of time) metaphysical 
(non physical), almost infinitely powerful, conscious, intelligent agent that would be required to account for it.
since all matter ,energy and time itself came into being in a burst of incomprehensible
power the cause would have to be infinitely greater than the effect. 

It is necessary to note that while Einstein was smart enough to immediately see what this discovery would mean to the scientific establishment that was almost exclusively dedicated to the materialistic world view, He however was not willing to step up and say "Hey gentlemen  guess what, the Bible had it right all along! and science had it wrong," So.......Einstein lied about it, changed his equation and stopped the expanding universe from expanding. Until an astronomer Edwin Hubble working at Mount Wilson observatory near Los Angeles in the 1930's discovered what has come to be known as the "Red Shift" which indicated that all the observable galaxies were racing away from each other in all directions at a very high velocity.
Hubble confronted Einstein regarding Einstein's equation and Einstein admitted that he had fudged (lied) his figures so as to avoid the unpleasant conclusion that was now obviously true.

Since it was not just matter that had to have a beginning but also time and space itself it was clear that now it was absolutely necessary to seek an explanation for the existence of the Universe that definitely began to exist a finite time ago. 
Subsequent discoveries ( red shift by Hubble and Big Bang background radiationin 1965 ) confirmed that contrary to the reigning cosmological paradigm that in fact the Universe and EVERYTHING in it began to exist a finite time ago and not only was it expanding at an incredible rate, but now it has been determined that instead of slowing down to eventually collapse and start again, as the "oscillating universe" theory proposed, it is actually speeding up and expanding at an ever increasing rate. 

While it has not been accepted easily by astronomers or atheists it is now considered to be a fact that the universe began to exist approximately (according to the astronomers as of the beginning of the 21st century) 13.7 billion years ago. How they determine that I don't know.
No longer could atheists or anyone else sidestep the question of where did the Universe come from by saying "it always existed so we don't have to answer the question." Now the question is the most interesting area of science since the more we think about it and discover it becomes obvious that the Bible is the only book that had it right in minute detail all along.

This has HUGE implications, now we must face the fact that there has to be  an explanation for the existence of the Universe  and everything in it.
This includes not only matter and energy but also time and space itself as space is not "Nothing" it is actually a vacuum that does not exist necessarily but is a component of the cosmos. In addition there is now another fundamental element that needs to be accounted for INFORMATION that has always existed in biology but science just discovered it in 1953 as you will see in the next segment the information and the coded information storage and retrieval system that stores and transmits that information can ONLY be explained by the existence of a MIND that originated the ideas/thoughts/designs that are found therein.

We are now forced to postulate a necessary and sufficient cause for the effect we call the Universe.
Every effect must not only have a cause , but it must have a sufficient cause. A mosquito cannot be the sufficient cause of a space shuttle. It may be the sufficient cause of an itchy bump on your hand but not of much else.

The universe began to exist, it was  either caused by an intelligent agent or an unintelligent  mechanical "force" but what force was there to  cause anything? there was NOTHING prior to the moment of beginning to exist. 

As it turns out the only thing that is a sufficient cause for this universe is a conscious intelligence of infinite power and knowledge since the universe is replete with intelligence and "information" in biology.
Which is the subject of part two of this paper.

If logic forces us to conclude that the only sufficient cause for the universe we live in is a conscious, intelligent, infinite, atemporal cause, then that cause is by definition GOD ,

                                        THE SECOND DISCOVERY THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

In 1956 two scientists, James Watson and Francis Crick made a monumental discovery, they described how biological organisms replicate themselves.
It was not understood how an organism transmitted it's design to the next generation.
They discovered that it was in fact a coded information storage and retrieval system that made precise duplication possible.
It was a discovery that was actually far more profound than the average man or woman at that time was aware of.

We have since learned much about information and coded information storage and retrieval systems.
The most important thing that was apparently missed by the majority was that what Watson and Crick discovered was that it was  "software" that guided the development of living organisms , it was written information,  Codes are a very unique thing in the universe we live in, They can have only one explanation for their existence. and that is A CONSCIOUS MIND. There is no possible way to account for a code other than that SOMEBODY designed it. Why is this so?

Have you ever considered what is required to make a code?
You need two things to create a code 

1: A concept, an idea, a thought (which comes only from a  conscious Mind )

2: A symbol to attach a concept to ( dots and dashes, letters of an alphabet, coconuts  arranged in the sand etc.)

The assigning of meaning to a symbol (for example SOS will stand for DISTRESS)
is a mental task that is not the result of any chemical or physical necessity but instead is a purely arbitrary decision by a conscious code maker.

The first component of a code is very rare in the physical universe because  it is NON -PHYSICAL  
It is the thought or concept that must come from a mind that is then assigned to a symbol.
The second component, the SYMBOL can be just about anything because it is a purely mental process that says "this symbol whatever it may be will now stand for this idea / concept / thought.

We have seen then that science has proven conclusively that all matter, energy, and time itself had a definite beginning in the finite past. However in addition to all of the rocks and gases and stars and planets and all of the material STUFF of the entire universe there also exists something that is definitely not physical and definitely must come from a mind i.e. information, or the thoughts that are stored in the DNA of all living things. This intangible thing called information is proof positive that SOMEBODY with a mind is responsible at the very least for the design we find in biology. This someone is by definition GOD.                      

                                                                             NOW WHAT?

Now we come to the hard part, If we are compelled to believe that God exists, the next question is, Has God spoken? or are we simply left to imagine and suppose what He, She or It is like.
There is of course no shortage of claims that God has indeed spoken or mumbled as the case may be, 
Unfortunately most of these alleged communications from  God contradict one another or else make ridiculous mistakes about things that we know to be true scientifically.

It is here that we need to apply logic and real science to  begin a process of elimination to see if we can identify the religions that can be eliminated from consideration as being from the kind of being that we already know must exist.
How do we do this?

Easy! but first we must understand one  thing very clearly ( and this is tough in todays world,)  ALL THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD CANNOT POSSIBLY BE TRUE!
Now they might all be wrong, but since they all contradict or disagree with one another they can't all be true. That is simple logic that cannot be ignored.

Either they are all wrong or one is true and all that disagree with it are false.

Think about it, it is logically impossible that all the religions of the world could be true. They teach many fundamentally contrary things.
 Many people believe that all religions teach basically the same thing, not so.

For example, Judaism and Christianity teach that there is only one true God who is personal and has always existed and will always exist in the future, without beginning and without end.
Christianity teaches that God is Triune in His nature, Father,Son,Holy Spirit = the one true God.
Islam denies this as do most religions and pseudo christian cults.

For example mormonism (which claims to be the only true expression of Christianity) teaches that God used to be a man who was born to a God  who used to be a man, who was born to a God who used to be a man,  and so on infinitely in the past, so in mormonism there is actually No Eternal God who has always been God , but only Gods who started as men and worked their way up to be Gods. No eternally existing God as the Bible teaches.  Mormons often repeat this teaching aid  "As man is God once was, As God is man may become"
Mormonism also makes the mistake of assuming an eternally existing physical universe which we now know to be false.

This is obviously a fundamentally different sort of God and a different sort of universe than what the bible presents.
They cannot both be true. They may both be wrong but they cannot both be true.
I'm sorry if this offends anyone but that's they way logic works.
You'd better make up your mind, does the Bible have the evidence and credibility to back it up, or does the Book of Mormon? I'm sorry but the BOM fails the historicity test very quickly.

Hinduism teaches that there are millions of gods that have not always existed.

Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,

Islam teaches that "God is not a father and has NO son" I could go on all day with examples like these, quite obviously all the religions of the world are not "teaching basically the same thing" 
That  is simplistic and insulting to people who sincerely hold beliefs that are radically contrary to others, which I certainly believe they have the right to do.

God cannot be a personal being and a non-personal being at the same time. There cannot be only one true God and also many true Gods at the same time etc. 
The fact that all cannot be true forces us to the conclusion that either all are false or only one is true.

  This is simple logic. 
So , how do we identify the false religions? well to begin with we can know for sure that any religion that teaches that all religions are equally true has just eliminated itself from consideration as the true religion, and is in fact one of the false ones, since we know for sure that that statement is false.

This eliminates many of the eastern and "New Age"religions that attempt to  amalgamate all the religions into one WORLD RELIGION that is friendly to all faiths. 
But again this denies people the right to have legitimate differences of beliefs. 

If a Hindu were to say to me "well after all we both really believe the same thing, I would have say well no actually we don't
What you end up with is a sincere belief in nothing in particular.

Furthermore any religion that teaches that matter and energy is eternal is now shown to be WRONG and should be disregarded by any thinking person since we have seen that in fact the universe had a beginning. 
This eliminates a number of religions.
If any religion teaches that all religions are equally true and that the Universe is eternal is proven to be twice wrong and certainly is off the table.
This narrows the field greatly.

​The necessary and sufficient cause of the Universe becomes more and more defined as we learn more about our Universe and the picture that is emerging looks a lot like the God of the Bible and less and less like the God or Gods of other religions.

This is not just convenient selective manipulation of a few obscure points of modern science, it is the direction that scientists are being forced to go by the evidence often contrary to their personal worldviews.

Science and logic are not a threat to true religion, but can in fact help  to narrow the field considerably in the search for a true religion by logical thought and and looking at the facts.

I have listened to many of the top atheists in the world debate their position.
Many times I see that what they are most frustrated with is the way that so many religions don't have to explain themselves or make any kind of rational case for their teachings. 
They just believe it and no matter how ridiculous or evil it may be they can hide behind the statement that "it is my faith and you can't question it or you are a bigot." 

I can sympathize with the skeptic's frustration, I think that unless we insist on identifying the true as opposed to the false religions we will be at the mercy of all kinds of wackos that Jesus Himself warned us would come.
Christianity is the only religion that insists on being both historically and logically accurate.
Christian apologetics is an integral part of the teachings of the bible. 
Romans 1:16 Paul says "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for IT is the  Power of God for salvation to everyone who believes"
1 Peter 3:15 states that we are to "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. " NIV

I am not afraid of the light of truth and any honest investigation of the claims of Christianity.
If it can be shown to be false I will gladly junk it.
However if it stands the test and all others fail then we have in fact heard from the TRUE God and suddenly our lives and our entire Universe take on real meaning and we have real hope for the future.
It took 2400 years for science and philosophy to catch up with what the Bible always said, 
"In the BEGINNING GOD created the heavens and the earth" if that sentence is true then it changes everything.

In 2004 Anthony Flew who was considered to be one of the preeminent​​​ atheist thinkers, debater and author for 50 years gave up and declared that "there is a God" and wrote his last book by that title. He stated that the recent discoveries of the fine tuning of the physical constants of the universe and the existence of information in the genetic code made it illogical not to recognize the hand of God. This was earth shaking as he was considered the  world's expert on the arguments of David Hume against miracles and the supernatural. Hume's philosophy is still the most widely used to dismiss the idea of the supernatural. Flew stated that he believed that if he , Hume , Bertrand Russell and their contemporaries had known what we know now they would have also changed their mind.

​​That is a mouthful coming from a man who spent his life arguing forcefully against the idea of a supernatural creator and then after considering all the evidence was compelled to be honest and follow where he saw the evidence was leading , which is what a scientist is supposed to do.

​​God said if you will seek me with all your heart you will find Me. There is sufficient evidence to convince an honest inquirer after God, however there will never be enough evidence to convince the person that has already made up their mind not to believe. 
Wise men STILL seek Him!​