Compelling Evidence That GOD Exists
                             By Steven Power
                    The Most Important Questions
The debate over the existence of a creator is as old as history. Men and Women are asking the same questions today as they always have. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? 

The answers to these most important of questions will determine how we live our lives perhaps more than any other single factor.
 If there is no creator of us and our universe then neither we nor the entire universe have any real meaning, there will be no ultimate accountability for our actions, No ultimate punishment for evil doers and no ultimate reward for the good. 
If we are simply the result of the random accumulation of randomly produced molecules that have been combining and recombining for countless millions of years on a planet that was randomly produced as the result of a random explosion of a “Cosmic Egg” that exploded for no reason and came from nowhere, 
then we have no more ultimate value than a mosquito, a piece of mold or a rock! 

Unless we were created by an intelligent being for a purpose, we have NO ultimate purpose, and any purpose that we might imagine for our existence is simply make believe. 

There can be no real right or wrong, no good or evil. Only my arbitrary preference against your arbitrary preference. Hitler could do what he did because it was justified in his mind, and no one has any real authority to question it, Because, if there is no ultimate Truth then your truth can be your truth, and my truth can be my truth. Morality would be relative to the circumstance and one’s personal definition of truth. 

Unless God made the rules they are just man’s inventions. No absolute morality. 
In the evolutionist’s world there can be no real distinction between a human and any other mere animal since we are all descended from the same accidentally produced cell.                                

                                             Animal Behavior? 

If we teach our children that they are simply another animal species, then we cannot complain when they begin to act like one.
And how do animals behave? you might say they behave “like animals”. 

In the real world nature is cruel, and completely amoral. In the natural world animals don’t have “rights” and neither do humans. There is no good or evil, No right or wrong. In the animal kingdom morality is never even considered. It is simply kill or be killed, No rules. 

In an evolutionist’s world whether we raise our children to adulthood or just eat them at birth there can be no real moral difference, no right or wrong behavior. Many animals sometimes eat their young or kill them if they are sick. But no animal has ever committed an immoral act
If a shark swimming through the ocean eats a human or a sea turtle it hasn’t done anything “wrong” it only knows that it was hungry and it saw food. It was the “natural” thing to do. Why is it that humans are the only creatures on the planet to worry about such things as Morality, Honesty and Justice ? could it be that we are different than the animals? 

No matter how hard we try no culture has ever been able to extinguish mankind’s insatiable desire to find answers to these questions of the how and why of our existence.                              

For centuries the best arguments for the existence of a Creator have focused on the necessity of an intelligent  designer to account for the obvious appearance of design in the world all around us. ( This is also the reason that the Bible says we will be “without excuse” for not recognizing that there is a Creator . Romans 1:20 / Psalm 19:1-2 ) 

However, since Charles Darwin’s day the atheist and the evolutionist have argued that the “appearance” of design is merely an illusion, because, they say, that given enough time and matter, chance alone can, and will produce anything and everything that can be produced with matter-including things that appear to be designed but in fact are not, 

and therefore there is no need to pretend that some “god” or “gods” did it.For decades this line of reasoning has been held up as the only rational and scientific explanation for the natural world, and is taught exclusively in every science class in American public school and university, where it is forbidden to even discuss the evidence for the only alternative to Darwinism i.e. special creation. That is not education, that is indoctrination.                                                                  
                                 The Flat Earth? 

Evolutionary dogma has been forced upon us for too long ! (When I refer to evolution I am referring to the “Molecules to Man” theory that life arose spontaneously by chance from dead matter, and gradually changed over vast periods of time to produce all life as it now exists.
all of this completely apart from any intelligent creator.) Not that there is not change within species through natural selection, because there is. But it is only the expression of latent genetic information that already exists in the genes. This is built in adaptability that actually implies an even greater level of design and engineering that would be required.

This materialistic philosophy and it’s daughter theory of spontaneous generation and macroevolution is, I believe, destined to take it’s place alongside the theory of the flat earth .(that incidentally was also vigorously defended by some of the “experts” of that time.) I believe that it will happen soon. Because the evidence is mounting day by day for the absolutely inescapable conclusion that there must be an infinitely powerful Creator of all things.                            
                              The Smoking Gun! 

I want to look at some fairly recent developments in a relatively new field of science that have in fact proven beyond any reasonable doubt that an intelligent creator must be responsible at the very least for the life on planet earth. The field of science that I am referring to is called “Information Theory” and it deals with among other things, the design and creation of coded message systems and there application to computer technology.

 From this field of study much has been learned about codes in general that has been applied by Biologists studying the genetic code . 
As it turns out the Genetic Code is the final proof positive that God exists. If that sounds like a strong statement, It is! But check it out and see what you think.                               
                             Codes by Chance? 

You see, a code is something that simply must be designed by an intelligent being. It is quite simple actually.

A code consists of at least two parts, First a set of symbols or “letters” that will be used to “store” the message or information to be coded. For example the Morse Code uses sequences of dots and dashes to store a message.
The English language that you are reading right now is a code that uses funny shaped little marks on a page called “letters” arranged into “words” to store information.

The second part of a code is the cool part, It is the non physical part, the “information” the “concept” the “software” if you will. 
This part of a code is attached to the symbols by a purely mental process that does not correspond to any physical law of nature, it is strictly an arbitrary task that can only be accomplished by an intelligent being with a mind. 
You see, the symbol itself can mean something or it can mean nothing , but it can only mean something if an intelligent being decides that from now on when you see this symbol it will stand for this or that. 

That is how we read a sentence. The symbols R-E-A-D by themselves don’t “mean” anything but grouped together we recognize them as a “code” word to describe the process of decoding sequences of letters on a page that have information attached to them (we call this reading), But we must first know the code which in this case is the English language in order to understand what information is being encoded.

While the evolutionist may argue that infinite time and chance might have produced the dots and dashes, or the letters themselves, to suggest that the same process could ever produce the meaning that is attached to them is not only silly it is demonstrably impossible.

 If the study of information theory has taught us anything it has taught us that “information” “programs” and “codes” do not and cannot ever arise by chance. It is in fact the opposite of chance that is required to produce a coded information storage and retrieval system such as the Genetic Code. 

Evolution can at best only account for the “hardware” of life (although it really can’t even do that) But even if it could the “software” must come from somewhere else apart from the material world.                                                                         
                                                       Save Our Ship! 

Let me use another example. If you were to see this on a sheet of paper 
. . . – - – . . . and you knew the Morse Code, You would recognize immediately S.O.S. the international distress signal. However if you did not previously learn the Morse code then you would recognize six dots separated by three dashes, curious but meaningless.
 You see, a code can only work if both parties involved in the communication understand and agree upon the meaning that will be attached to the symbols.

 Think of it this way, There were always plenty of dots and dashes around even before Samuel Morse decided to use them to design a code. The difference was that they didn’t mean anything, until he chose to attach meaning to them, Get it?
 The point is that intelligence is absolutely necessary to account for any coded message system. There is no way to escape it! 

The Genetic Code is an extremely complicated coded information storage and retrieval system that we are just beginning to decipher.

Although we still don’t fully understand how it all works, It is basically the same concept as any other language, but instead of “letters” it uses chemical bases called “nucleotides” that are arranged in specific sequences to store the instructions for building the particular organism.

 The most interesting thing is that it is all done with the same language! every living thing that has ever lived on this planet has used the same genetic code to build it’s particular body. The “letters “ of the genetic code are the amino acids Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine and Uracil with these five “letters “the instructions for all of the design found in all living things on earth are written out in coded form in one language that is the same for all life on earth. Imagine if we discovered that all the blueprints for every living creature were written in French, would we not conclude that an conscious intelligent designer was responsible?                     
                      Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

Remember , the “letters” themselves are not the information, they simply store the information in an abstract form in the physical realm. 

We call this the “software “ the information does not actually exist in the physical, it is NON physical! it only exists as a concept until it is expressed in the completed living organism. 

The question that must be asked is who wrote the plans? We must ask “who” since we know that matter by itself does not contain concepts, plans or codes. 
It can be made to store concepts, plans and codes in abstract form symbolically, but raw matter has no intrinsic information content.                It is ( ateleonomic) 
The question for the evolutionist is this, Who developed the language in the first place for the genetic code system to work? Would the Morse Code ever have happened by itself without Samuel Morse developing it? No.
 Well I will say that if Samuel Morse had to design the Morse Code then someone had to design the genetic code too. 
Where did the information come from? If you can believe that information like that can just evolve out of nowhere then you have great faith. 
Can the design for a complicated computer system arise by chance? 
all logic and intelligence says no. 

But for the sake of argument let’s grant the evolutionist’s assertion that given enough time and matter chance will combine and recombine all the molecules in the universe an infinite number of times and eventually produce anything and everything that can be produced of matter. 

Granting that, let’s look through all the trillions and trillions of random things that were created by the chance combination of molecules of physical molecules and after searching for multiplied trillions of years we come across something that we recognize, it is a modern computer system! in fact it is an IBM computer system, amazing! so we plug it in and turn it on, the lights come on but nothing else happens, Why? — because there is no software!
 You see software is not made of physical material! so it would not be produced by this method EVER! Random evolution could produce a trillion universes full of computer “hardware” but it cannot ever produce the “software” for any of them.The point of this is that the current arguments for biological evolution are at best arguing for the random production of the “hardware” of life, 
But there is no way to account for the ’software” or the “information” that is contained within the genetic code of the biological world.

Since we know for sure that matter by itself does not contain any software, therefore if any matter is found to be storing ”software” or “information” we know for certain that it was placed there by a conscious. intelligent being, and there is no other possible explanation for it’s existence. 

Imagine the complexity of the blueprints needed to build a human eye that only works if it is connected by blood vessels to a human heart and an optic nerve that is connected to a human brain etc. etc. And yet all of this almost infinitely complex information is written out and stored in coded form on strands of DNA!, with a complete copy of the entire program in the nucleus of nearly every cell in your body! 

In light of all that we know of software, codes and information as a result of the digital revolution of the past few years, it is ludicrous to expect anyone to believe that the information we have found stored in the genetic code could be there by anything other than by means of an intelligent agent. 
Anyone who is willing to believe that these things could have come about by chance has GREAT faith and is believing it for some other reason besides logic. As certain as I am that there exists an intelligent being who wrote the software for the computer program I am using right now, I am equally certain that there exists an intelligent being who wrote the software for the genetic code. By definition that would be GOD. 
                            Has GOD Spoken?
If then we are compelled to admit that there must be a God, the next question is, Has He spoken to us?
 I believe that the answer is a resounding YES! The Bible claims to be a message from the one who calls Himself “The Author of Life” the one who “made all things” and “existed before all things” This is speaking of Jesus Christ. 
The Bible has the facts to back up it’s claim to be from a being who is outside of time and space. The Bible is absolutely unique in the area of evidence to back up it’s claims. 
God said in the Old Testament that he would prove to us who He is by telling us what was going to happen before it happens and then when it comes to pass without fail then we would know who it is who was speaking through the Prophets.
 Fulfilled prophecy is the fingerprint of God upon the Bible as His revelation to us. In the Bible we find answers to the questions that I began with. People today are searching everywhere for a message from an extraterrestrial being out there somewhere, Ironically that message sits right on the shelf in most homes , unread. If you would like to know the God who made you and loves you , read the Gospel of John, The book of Acts & the book of Romans and then the rest of the Bible. There is more than enough evidence to convince any honest person that God not only exists, but that He has also spoken to us in the Bible.
 However there will never be enough evidence to convince the person who has already made up his mind before he even examines the evidence.

                              Wise men still seek Him! Romans 1:16