Why you should believe in the 
                                                                                      By Steven Power 

The christian doctrine of the Trinity (or the Tri-Unity of God) because it is so easily misunderstood by non-christians (and even by many christians) is often criticized as being contradictory and or illogical.
Every pseudo christian cult tries to dismiss the doctrine as being either unbiblical and/or pagan in it's origin.

On the contrary, the doctrine of the Trinity far from being a problem for the student of God's word is in fact the only solution for an otherwise serious problem that must be faced by honest students of the Bible, and that is this, The Bible speaks of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the same terms of diety. All three are referred to as being God. Yet the Bible  affirms categorically that there is only ONE true God. 
The core of Jewish belief was that there is only one true and living God and all others are false idols.  "Here O Israel the Lord our God is One"
Also, Jesus claimed to be God by His own words on numerous occasions and in various unmistakable ways that we will look at in a moment. 

Now, If these two premises are true, 
1: The Bible teaches that there is only one true God. 
2: The Bible presents three persons as being equally God. Then there are only two possible conclusions for us regarding the Bible. 
1: The Bible speaks nonsense and the writers of the books of the Bible were not inspired by an omniscient (All knowing) being , because the statements are logically inconsistent and impossible, i.e. it says that there is only one true God and yet refers to three different persons as being God. Nonsense. 

Or, the only other possible conclusion is this, 
2: The one true God has revealed to us that He exists as three separate persons, (not three Gods, one God, three persons) and yet is still one God by nature. While this may be difficult for us to fully comprehend, the fact that we cannot fully comprehend the nature of an infinite being is more a comment on our finite nature than on the truth or falsity of what the Bible teaches about the nature of God. 

We should not be surprised if we cannot fully comprehend the nature of an eternal being who alone had no beginning and will have no end. We cannot even comprehend the Universe that we live in, for example, does the Universe have an end? If so what is on the other side of that end? We can try to imagine an end but how can there be? 
We are completely at the mercy of an infinite being since we are confined to a three dimensional world but He is not, we cannot find Him on our own, however he can reach in and reveal Himself to us. 

All we can ever know of this infinite being is what He chooses to reveal to us, we cannot reveal Him as He is outside of our three dimensional world. If we are to know Him at all it will be because He has condescended to reveal Himself to us. And that is exactly what the Bible claims to be. 

If we believe that God has spoken in the Bible then we must lay aside our preconceived notions of what God is or is not and listen to what He tells us about Himself. We will find the Truth about the nature and character of God only in His revelation to us. 
If we have an idea about God that is contrary to His revelation it is we who must conform to His word because it is true. It is with this as my premise that I would like to demonstrate with the scriptures (in context) that this is exactly what the Bible teaches. Please be dilligent to read ALL scripture references given. God bless you as you seek Him. 

                                                                                PREMISE 1 
                                     THE BIBLE SAYS THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE GOD.
                      Deuteronomy 6:4-5       Isaiah 43:10        Isaiah 44:6      Isaiah 45:5      Ephesians 4:6
                                                                              PREMISE 2 
                                          THE BIBLE SAYS THAT THE FATHER IS GOD 
           Galatians 1:1      1 Corinthians 8:6     James 1:17     John 1:14      Romans 1:7         Matthew 6:14-18 
           Colossians 1:12      II Thess 14:6-9       Psalm 89:26           Matthew 6:8-9             I John 1:3 & 3:1 

                                                                               PREMISE 3 

A: Micah 5:2 Messiah to be Eternal GOD 

B: Isaiah 9:6 Messiah will be MIGHTY GOD. 

C: John 1:1 “The WORD was WITH God and the WORD WAS God not “a god” which would imply that there is    more than one true God, or worse that Jesus is a false god. All reputable greek scholars agree that John 1:1  MUST be translated “and the Word WAS God” However religious groups that are determined to deny that the  Bible teaches that Jesus is God will deliberately mistranslate verses such as this in order to make the Bible  appear to support their preconceived theology. 

 For example, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society  (Jehovah's Witnesses) in their own “New World  Translation” have translated this verse to say “ and the Word  was “a god” thereby reversing the actual  intended meaning of the writer, who was making the case that Jesus  was th WORD (vs14) and that the WORD  was GOD. The Watchtower has done the same type of thing many  other places in their translation and for that  reason it is not recognized as a reliable or even honest translation  of the original text by any reputable Bible  publisher. When questioned, the man who translated John 1:1 that  way admitted that it was not an acceptable  translation of the greek words, but the Watchtower won't change it. 

D: John 8:58-59 Jesus uses the divine name to refer to Himself! (see Exodus 3:14 & John 18:5-6 ) the word “HE” is in italics because it is not in the original text, it was added allegedly to clarify the passage, it does the opposite. read it without the added word “HE” and it is obvious what Jesus intended to say. 

E: John 10:27-33 The jews understood exactly what Jesus was claiming about himself ,(that He was God) that's why they immediately picked up stones to kill Him for blasphemy, see also John 5:18 

F: Rev 1:8 Who is the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End? Jehovah God right ? See also Isaiah 44:6

G: Rev 21:6 Who is the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End? Only Almighty God. How many Alpha and Omegas or Beginning and Ends are there? Only One! See Isaiah 48:12

H: Rev 22:12-16 Who is the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End? According to the text it is Jesus! Jesus is Jehovah. Unless there are TWO Alphas and Omegas and TWO Beginning and Ends. Obviously there cannot be.

I: Rev 1:17-18 Who is speaking? Jehovah God right? But when did Jehovah God die? Jesus died! And then rose again in His own body (see John 2:18 here Jesus prophesied that He was going to raise His BODY! Did He lie?) The Watchtower has said that Jesus did not raise from the grave in His physical body, but Jesus said He did! Whom should we believe? 

J: Matthew 4:10 Jesus quotes deuteronomy 6:13 “You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only” but repeatedly He allows people to worship Him. See Matthew 14:33 Matthew 28:17 John 20:28 John 9:38 Hebrews 1:6 In the Bible angels will always rebuke men who make the mistake of trying to worship them see Revelation 19:10 and Revelation 22:8 If Jesus is only an angel as taught by the Watchtower then why would He allow men to worship Him and actually encourage them to do so? I f He were not God He would be committing the ultimate act of blasphemy, especially for any jewish person. The only explanation is that Jesus is Jehovah God. 

K: Collossians 1:16-17 and John 1:3 say hat Jesus crated ALL things, If then (as some cults teach) He Himself was created at any time prior to His making “ALL THINGS” then He would be, by definition a “THING” and the verses would be totally meaningless. Here again, in order to avoid the obvious meaning of the verse in Collossians the Watchtower has added to the Bible and inserted the word “other” wherever it states that Jesus created ALL things, so that it reads “Jesus created all [OTHER] things” Give me a break! This is a blatant manipulation and perversion of the intended teaching of the writer. It is totally dishonest. This type of deception is actually defended by the Watchtower as being simply a helpful “clarification” of the verse, and since they put the word “other” in brackets that it shows that they did not intend to deceive . Right. 
The fact is , the original greek text clearly states that Jesus is the same being who spoke and the universe leaped into existence from nothing i.e. Jehovah God. (Isaiah 44:24) 
Jesus Christ is Jehovah God come in the flesh, but this does not fit into the Watchtower's peculiar theology so the Bible must be changed until it does.

L: In the Old Testament we are told that only God Himself knows the heart of a man, see Jeremiah 17: 9-10 Proverbs 21:2 Psalm 44:21 Psalm 139: 1-6 & 23 1Kings 8:39 1 Samuel 16:7 Psalm 94:11 1Chronicles 28:9 and in the New Testament, Acts 1:24 Acts 15:8 Luke 16:15 1Cor 2:11 All of these verses say that God alone knows the heart and the thoughts of a man But in the New Testament we see time after time that Jesus knew the heart and the thoughts of men, see Matthew 9:4 Matthew 12:25Matthew 22:18 Mark 2:7-8 Luke 5:22 Luke 6:8 Luke 7:39 Luke 11:17 Luke 22:34 Luke 24:38-39 Luke 24:45 John 1:48 John 2:24-25 John 4:18 John 6:64 John 21:17 Revelation 2:23 This clearly implies that Jesus is Jehovah God or else all of the verses mentioned above would be completely useless. Also, Jesus forgave peoples sins, Luke 5:20-21 , the jews recognized (and rightly so) that Jesus was claiming to be God since only God Himself has the right to forgive a man's sins since it is Him that we have sinned against. 

M: Luke 2:11 The angels said that the child born in Bethlehem was “The Savior” “Christ” “The Lord!' In the original greek the word translated LORD is “kyrios” which is simply the greek translation of the Hebrew name for God “YHWH” or Jehovah God. (Also called the tetragrammaton). In this verse the Angels are telling the shepherds the same thing that the prophet Isaiah said long before in Isaiah 7:14, that the Messiah would be called “Immanuel” which being translated means “God with us” see Matthew 1:24 Not archangel Michael with us, or some other angel with us but GOD with us! It is God Himself that has come to dwell among us to reveal Himself to us and to be our Savior. 

N: Hebrews 3:4 says that “The builder of ALL things is Jehovah God, But look at Collossians 1:16 1Corinthians 8:6 & John 1:3 Jesus is Jehovah God! 

O: John 1:30 John the Baptiser said that Jesus existed before him, In fact John was 5 months older than Jesus. John knew understood who Jesus actually was, i.e. God come in the flesh, Jesus is God.

P: Romans 10:9 says that we must confess that Jesus is “LORD” to be saved. This is the same greek word we read earlier “Kyrios” what the writer is telling us is that we must confess that Jesus is Almighty God to be saved. This is not a trick, this is in fact what the verse actually says! See also John 8:24 John 8:58 John 13:13 Jesus is saying the same thing.

Q: Matthew 28:19 in this verse often called the “Great Commission” Jesus says that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are included in ONE Name, Jehovah God. Here we see the Trinitarian formula of one in three and three in one. In Matthew 28:20 Jesus said “I AM with you always” how can this be true unless Jesus is omnipresent (everywhere present at the same time) An attribute that only Almighty God possesses ? Jesus is Obviously teaching that He is God Almighty in the flesh! 

R: Revelation 22:6 says that Jehovah God has sent His angel but verse 16 says “I JESUS have sent MY angel” Well which is it? Either one of them is mistaken or Jesus must be Jehovah God! 

S: Acts 20:28 says that God purchased the church with HIS OWN blood, but it was Jesus' blood that was shed for our redemption. Jesus is GOD! 

T: Collossians 2:8-9 says of Jesus “for in Him ALL the fullness of Diety dwells in bodily form” I don't think the writer could be any clearer about what he was saying if he wanted to be, he meant to say Jesus is God! 

U: Philippians 2:6-8 says that Jesus existed in the form of God and yet emptied Himself voluntarily to become one of us, a mere human being in order to redeem us. This could not be said of an angel that he “emptied Himself to become a man” The verse teaches that Jesus, although He was God ,chose to voluntarily limit Himself for the sake of our salvation. 

V: 1 Timothy 4:10 says that the living God is our Savior and that our Savior is the living God. Who is our savior? Isaiah 43:3 Isaiah 43:11 and Isaiah 49:26 all say that Jehovah God is our only Savior but, 2Peter 1:11 2Peter 2:20 Titus 2:13 and Titus 3:4&6 all say that Jesus is our only Savior! Who is our redeemer? According to Isaiah41:14 & 20 Isaiah 44:24 Isaiah 43:1-3Isaiah 43:14&15 Psalm 130:7 it is Jehovah God, but according to Collossians 1:14 and Ephesians 1:7 our redeemer is Jesus. Say it with me , Jesus is God! 

W: John 14:9 Jesus said “If you have seen ME you have seen the Father” Jesus was claiming to be the same being as God the Father, yet He distinguished Himself as being separate in personhood in verse 6 when He said “No one comes to the father except through ME” which would be meaningless if they were the same person. It would not make sense unless they were the same being and yet separate persons. It is just his type of language (see also John 1:1) that reveals more and more the Triune nature of the one true God that is ONE God that exists as three separate persons i.e. The trinity. 

X1John 5:20 says that Jesus IS the True God!

Y: Titus 2:13 “Our great God and savior Jesus Christ 

Z: John 5:23 Jesus encourages us to honor Him the same as we honor the Father. How do we honor the Father? By giving Him worship, honor and Praise, obedience and trust, love and devotion.

Isaiah 42:8 says “I will not give my glory to another” Worship Jesus and you are giving glory to God because Jesus IS God. (see again John 20:28) Also Isaiah 45:23 says that it is at the name of Jehovah that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, but in Philippians 2:10-11 it is at the name of JESUS that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is LORD . There's that word “Kyrios” again, Jesus also said “whatever you ask in MY name I will do it” neither angels nor dead saints can answer prayers. Only Almighty God is able to hear and answer prayers, because of who He is. 
He alone is Omnipresent (everywhere present at once) Omnipotent (all powerful, possessing all power) and Omniscient (possessing All knowledge and wisdom) These attributes are all necessary to hear and better yet, answer prayers. It is ludicrous to pray to Mary, the Saints or any other dead human being. 

Only God Almighty can hear your prayer, and only God Almighty can answer it. This is not to be construed as an attack on Mary the mother of Jesus, she was no doubt a very special woman for God to have chosen her to bear the Messiah 
but she was a human being and nothing more.
She said herself that she needed a Savior and so she was certainly not sinless. Just think about what is required for a being to hear the prayers of millions of people at the same time, let alone to be able to do anything about them. 

In fact to ascribe such abilities to Mary the mother of Jesus is to in effect make her equal with God. This is wrong and should be opposed. 

Jesus said wherever two or more are gathered in My name I am with them. Jesus is saying that He is omnipresent, and therefore claiming to be God. We don't need to pray through someone else to reach Jesus, Jesus is God . Worship and obey Him.                                                                                       

                                                                                         PREMISE 4

                                   THE BIBLE SAYS THAT HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD ALMIGHTY, 
                                                                     NOT AN “ACTIVE FORCE” 

Most psuedo Christian cults deny that the Holy Spirit is equally God, the third person of the Trinity as held by orthodox christianity since the beginning of the church. 
Using Jehovah's Witnesses as an example again I want to look at how the Bible presents the Diety and personality of the Holy Spirit.
The Watchtower teaches that the Holy Spirit is NOT God, but is Jehovah's “active force” impersonal and therefore incapable of speaking , or “willing” to do anything. 
The Bible however presents something quite different. 

A: Acts 5:34 says that they did not lie to men but to God
B: Acts 16:6-10 notice, Holy Spirit – Jesus – God, all the same. C: Romans 8:27 The Holy Spirit has a MIND does a “force” have a mind? 
D: 1 Corinthians 12:11 the Spirit has a “WILL” does a “force” have a will? 
E: 2Corinthians 3:17-18 The Lord (Jehovah) “is the Spirit” 
FGalatians 4:6 The Spirit of His Son 
G: Ephesians 4:30 The Spirit was “grieved” how do you grieve a “force”? The Holy Spirit is a PERSON , Not an impersonal “force” The Holy spirit is GOD. 

H: 1 Timothy 4:1 Can an “active force” talk? No. 

I: Matthew 1:8 says that the Holy Spirit mad Jesus' body. 

J: Acts 8:29 The Holy Spirit speaks to and directed Philip. And in Acts 13:2 speaks to Barnabas, Simeon, Lucius and Manaen.

An “active force” (whatever that is- perhaps Gravity or Magnetism?” certainly could not Talk,Will, Grieve or create. To suppose that the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is some kind impersonal force and not God is to completely ignore clear scriptural teaching to the contrary, The Holy Spirit is Jehovah God the third person of the Trinity. 

In light of the large number of scriptures we have looked at it should be abundantly clear the doctrine of the Trinity is not a pagan idea that is contrary to the Bible. It is in fact what the Bible teaches and far from being a “problem” for the believer it is in fact the only solution to an otherwise inescapable contradiction of scripture that says there is only One True God and yet identifies three separate persons as God.

 this is God's revelation to us of His very Nature, it is not important what WE think He is, It is important what HE says about who HE is. This is the God of the Bible He is totally unique and there is nothing to compare Him to. 

He is Eternal, He had no beginning and He will have No end. If His Nature is incomprehensible to us that should not surprise us. 

Never let anyone tell you that “we all worship the same God, but we just use different names” 
No we don't! 

If anyone believes in a God who is not the Triune God ( i.e. the Father is God,the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God and the three equal the one true God, not three Gods but one God.) They don't believe in the same God by a different name,They  believe in a different God than the God of the Bible. 

Common sense tells us that the same God cannot be an impersonal force (Hinduism) and a personal being with a mind, who can love and speak and will to do things (Bible)at the same time. The same God cannot at the same time be the only true God that exists (Isaiah 43:10) and also be just one of millions of gods that also exist (Mormonism) somebody is right and somebody is wrong, both cannot be true. 

The God of the Bible is not just any God that you wish Him to be. He is a specific being who has existed as He is from all eternity. Withot beginning or end. 

He alone is the true and living God who has made everything that exists in this and any other universes.
 We know nothing about Him unless He chooses to reveal Himself to us. We must not make the foolish mistake of trying to tell an infinite being what He must be like. We are wrong and He is right.

 If we cannot fully comprehend Him it is because we are finite and totally ignorant compared to Him. 
There is a common misconception that this doctrine of the Triune nature of God means that we believe in three Gods, not so. 
We believe in One God who exists as three persons eternally in relationship with each other as separate centers of consciousness. They are all three equally God by nature. The math goes like this 1x1x1=1 the mistake is to say that we believe 1+1+1=1 Remember ,while we cannot fully comprehend an infinite being we can apprehend what He has told us aboutHimself in His Word. 
                                             THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY IS NOT THE PROBLEM, 
                                                                IT IS THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM